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The Static Transfer Switch (STS) provides an automatic or manually controlled transfer of one or more electrical loads from one power source (source 1) to a second power source (source 2)and vice versa. In the event that there is insufficient voltage in the source supplying the electrical load, the transfer to the second source will be affected automatically.

The system comprises the following design properties:-

The STS is using "Break Before Make"switching technology. This technique allows -phase by phase- thyristors of the static switch turning off to be disconnected before connecting those of the static switch turned on. This ensures a non-parallel transfer between the two power sources. The Static Transfer Switches (STS)are available in single phase + N with 16 & 32 Amps and in three phases +N , 3 and 4 poles versions from 63 -1600 Amps, and equipped with cutoff parts and manual bypass for both lines, electric measures display, RS232 / RS485 / SNMP / MODBUS communication interfaces.